Friday, December 22, 2006

This is a surprise?

364 news agencies (as of 10:34 AM CST) apparently think it's "news" and therefore "surprising" that teens are increasingly turning to their parents' medicine cabinets to get high. I've known this for four years - and I haven't used any of them, either.

If the nation's drug warriors and educators were unaware of this phenomenon for so long, which apparently they were, what on earth makes them think they can prevent teens from using drugs? We've seen that making the drugs which psychonauts found before doctors did illegal only causes violence and forces those who search out psychoactive drugs to abuse legal ones.

One solution is to stop letting parents think the government will make their kids into good people and actually do their job. Another is the government's solution:
...apply the prevention tools that have apparently succeeded in combating illegal drug use to fight the abuse of legal medicines.
No, you idiots, "prevention tools" didn't stop teens from using illegal drugs, the realization that you could get high by chugging a bottle of cough syrup did. Nothing the government can do will do anything to stop teen drug abuse. Only good parenting can do that. Unfortunately, America's parents are afraid to tell their kids to do their homework, much less have a serious talk with them about drugs.

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