Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Go Canada? Not so much.

Socialists will rejoice at the news that Canadians are, on average, healthier than Americans, according to a new study - on top of an earlier study that says that Britons are also healthier than Americans. Both Canada and the UK have national health care programs.

But don't jump to the conclusion they want you to reach just yet. The UK-US study found that insured Americans were as healthy or healthier as Britons, and it involved actual examinations of patients. The US-Canada study, on the other hand, was done simply by asking people over the telephone what they were diagnosed with. Since a less effective health care system will diagnose fewer illnesses, it means nothing that Canadians have been diagnosed with fewer illnesses.

And about the uninsured Americans being unhealthy? Well, if they weren't taxed so much and if regulations didn't make health care cost so much, imagine what they could do - insure themselves.

A true free market wins.


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