Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh no! Rats exist! Municipal government, save me harder!

The Dallas Morning News reports that a neighborhood in the distant suburb of Allen has suddenly been infested with rats. One resident who runs a daycare in her home is afraid to let her kids outdoors because of the "rat danger" - because you know those rodents love to attack blundering thingamajigs thirty times their size. She raises a somewhat plausible concern with regard to rabies, citing a rabid skunk in the area a few months ago. But since anybody bit by a rabid animal can be immediately vaccinated and thus will not develop the disease, that's a pretty silly concern as well.

Of course, residents, unable, apparently, to buy several $1.85 rat traps, they want the city to give them traps for free:
She and some of her neighbors said the city wants them to trap the rats, using a cage the city supplies for a fee.

"They are saying they're charging $40 for rental fees for a trap that should be given to homeowners if they're having infestation problems," Wallace said.
Apparently she fails to recognize that she's paying for the trap anyways, since she pays taxes.

And I'm sure all these people "hate big government" and vote straight Republican.


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