Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm astounded.

This just happened to me in an AIM conversation:
******: well, so it goes in government. can you name an agency that actually works well?
me: nope, that's why my views are what they are
******: i'd be a communist if people weren't so darn greedy
Did I just read that? I can't believe that intelligent people would actually think that that's a rational line of thought: Hmm, government doesn't work well! Let's add more!


Anonymous Daniel Benoy said...

I get that sort of thing all the time too. Once, I was arguing on IRC that we should diminish the ability for traffic cops to pull over whomever they choose, by writing laws that pretty much everyone breaks, and using that as in excuse to pull over "suspicious" people.

One part of the argument basically went:
Them: If they did something wrong then they should be punished for it! It doesn't matter if the law is rarely enforced and everyone breaks it, because the law is written for a good reason.

Me: But they can't enforce the law equally and they've resorted to picking people at "random", basically punishing whoever they feel like. They could just as easily go around picking people with "No Blood for Oil" bumper stickers or something, how would that make you feel?

Them: You don't listen to reason, you must have just gotten a speeding ticket and now you're angry, because it's obvious you don't care about the law! Unless you're black then it makes sense that you get pulled over more often because the cops are corrupt.

?? ... It's as though, when you critisize the legislative intrusion of big government into our lives, they can't even hear. But if you critisize 'the man' then suddenly they're all ears... even if it's the exact some issue.

--Daniel Benoy

11:00 AM  

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