Monday, May 15, 2006

A small victory

Despite receiving no positive response from the administration, the flyers I posted were still up when I left today.

Victory, I think, is thus implied.

UPDATE:I now have received a response. I followed his requests before he even asked me:
Dear Nigel,
Thank you for this message, and yes, we are aware of Tinker v. Des
Moines -- we study this case in school law courses.
Our "approval" process at the high school rarely if ever deals with the
content of the flyer -- it really is a means by which we control the
number of flyers, the locations at which they are posted, and the number
of days the flyers can be posted -- a management process, not a
censorship process. I trust that your flyer meets the content test
of Tinker v. Des Moines, but I ask that you also keep the flyers at the
approved locations and that you post no more than 10 flyers -- our usual
requirements. Please see any administrator if you have questions about
this process. Thanks.
Patrick Cates


Blogger Doctor Sound said...

I found a link to your blog throigh google video, and probably will read more of your blog. Anyway, I have an interesting story concerning that sort of situation. There is a student at my school that wore a shirt that had the letters FCUK on it(a clothing brand) The administration asked him to remove, and did not, so he got 5 days OSS. Rediculous. I carry a briefcase to school and every week I have a new, usually political messege on it, so that week's was "F.U.C.K. It's a business" one of my teachers saw it and e-mailed my principle about it, who confronted it, and made me remove it the next day. Anyway, I wish I had known my court cases, but I'm glad someone is fighting, no matter how small.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:20 PM  
Blogger gnuteacher said...

Don't let "The Man" tell you where, when and for how long you can exercise your Constitutional rights. Why don't you hand out a flyer to every student as they enter the school grounds? I'm trying to get a student revolution going here in Portland, Maine. Check out my website:

Good luck in your efforts.

11:56 AM  

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