Friday, June 09, 2006

Making the world safe for American fascism

Two of the presidents I despise the most, Bush II and Wilson, have often spoken of something along the lines of "making the world safe for democracy". This is odd, because America isn't a democracy itself - it's a republic, as I have explained earlier.

Democracies, where the government does what the majority of people say it should do, have failed since Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to tyrannical (even proto-communist) Sparta in 404 BC. Much of the reason why Athens lost was that the impressionable masses controlled the military instead of the skilled generals, causing the Athenians to launch an ill-advised expedition to Sicily, for example.

Republics, on the other hand, put a wall of separation between the people and governmental decisions. It's my opinion that because of this, a republican government should do as little as possible, but certainly most republics have not followed this train of thought. The fact that most representatives are politicos who try to pander to the every wish of their constituents is a frightening thing and a bad sign for the oldest surviving republic in the world. Unfortunately, the only party that recognizes this is the Libertarian Party.


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