Monday, June 26, 2006

Ooh! Let's escalate vs. North Korea!

American forces in Japan are setting up equipment to ward off any North Korean missles that might find their way west. This all seems like a great idea, until you realize that the only reason Kim Jong Il is such a psychobeast is the attention we give him whenever he waves a stick.

Of course, with US troops in the area, it's hard not to be concerned about an off-the-wall dictator running an archaic Stalinist state with a sprinkle of Nazism. There's an easier solution, however, to North Korean grandstanding than diplomatic whirlwinds, one that would keep our troops even safer.

In 1950, there was some rationale to having troops in Japan and South Korea. (None of this would have been an issue had Roosevelt not finagled the Japanese into declaring war, but that's another issue). The economies of both areas were in shambles, and they couldn't protect themselves. In 2006, the economies of both nations are vibrant and very capable of supporting defense forces that could crush a North Korean invasion.

It would be a benefit both to the people of North Korea who are being strangled by the Kim Jong Il's need for the appearance of weaponry and to the people of the United States who are supporting our troops abroad to bring them all home, and let the governments of South Korea and Japan do their jobs.


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