Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Five Reasons Government is Bad for Labor

1. Historical precedent. Most of the time governments have intervened in labor disputes, it's been to the detriment of the workers. Governments have forced workers back to their jobs, condoned violent strikebreaking efforts, and rescinding support when labor needs it most.

2. Freedom to associate. When government involves itself in labor, it is regulating our constitutional freedom to associate. A government which is allowed to give powers to certain groups can take them away and even reverse them after the next election.

3. Corruption. With major corporations funding the elections of most members of Congress, trusting those same legislators with the welfare of labor is dangerous, at best.

4. More government means more taxes, eliminating many of the gains that labor has made. Programs that benefit labor may be taken away, but the taxes won't be – and that's taking one step forward and two steps back.

5. The rising debt of the federal government will almost certainly lead to hyperinflation sometime in the future. Inflation makes it harder for those with small incomes to make ends meet.


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