Sunday, August 20, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger: A true authoritarian

Concerned that his huge spending programs are angering California Republicans, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is sliding further toward the "authoritarian" or "populist" corner of the Nolan Chart. He now wants to crack down on illegal immigration by aligning himself with the foamy-mouthed, hydrophobic Minutemen and Constitution Party types.

Schwarzenegger, who has recently requested huge amounts (tens of billions of dollars) in bond programs, also had this wonderfully hypocritical exchange with the group of hardcore GOP supporters he was talking to:
"What do we say to more taxes?" he shouted.

"No!" they called back.

"What do we say to more government spending?"

The poor Californians duped by this farce are truly wasting their votes. They've got a better choice: Libertarian Art Olivier, the former mayor of Bellflower, CA. He would agree with "no more taxes" and "no more government spending", but he would actually mean it.

Unfortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger is closer in political philosophy to European socialists than heis to where these Republicans think they are. This is because of a significant barrier to spreading the Libertarian message: most people's political opinions are based on what they think government should do, not what it shouldn't do. In fact, I have no answer to what I think government "should" do (at least long-term). I'll let you figure out why.


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