Sunday, August 13, 2006

The failure of "progressive" social policies

Europe is renowned worldwide (most especially in Europe itself) for being very "progressive". The etymology of the word makes it so that anything "progressive" is regarded as inherently good. But the astounding amounts of anger seen in Europe's minorities put the effectiveness and rightness of social progressivism into doubt.

Last year's French riots demonstrated the failure of French socialism, as the abject misery of life in France's immigrant housing projects spilled into anger, paralyzing the country. France's enormous taxes make it difficult for anybody to hire anybody else, and with the hint of racism inherent to a people who have rarely before shared a country with anybody else, those who get hired are the "real" French. Instead of lowering taxes, the French government instead builds housing projects, leading to disaster.

The radicalism of Britain's Muslim population (note how many more British Muslims have been arrested in conjunction with terror plots than American ones) despite an official British policy of forced integration of schools and to some extent neighborhoods also demonstrates how poorly "progressive" social policies fare in the real world. Let people do what's best for them, and soon enough, racial and religious tensions will ease.

(The American South was kept in a state of permanent racial inequality because of government, before somebody brings that up.)


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