Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's worse than a hurricane? Government help.

The general consensus in America seems to be that the government hasn't done enough to help Americans after hurricanes. If you agree with this, however, you have several difficult questions ahead of you (as well as a hurricane):
  1. How much government help is "enough"? The government already provides housing and food for hurricane victims, as well as insurance to encourage people to live in areas vulnerable to hurricane damage.
  2. Why is it the government's responsibility to help people who have been living irresponsibly (by living in areas vulnerable to hurricane damage)? Why is it an Iowan's responsibility to pay for the flood damage incurred by a Louisianan, or that Louisianan's responsibility to pay for an Oklahoman's tornado damage?
  3. What do you do when the government doesn't do everything perfectly? Elect people who promise bigger, "better" government? That's worked well the past 230 years, hasn't it?
The bottom line is, about the only thing that government natural disaster help has ever done well is proven that it sucks. Private charity did more for Katrina victims than public charity did, and had FEMA gotten out of the way, it could've done even more. The next hurricane will be bungled even more by the government, and eventually, people will realize that governemnt is never the answer.


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