Friday, January 05, 2007

How about voting for some real people next time?

The op-ed page of the newspaper seems to alternate between filled with people trying to sound nuanced by creating an "opinion" out of a hodgepodge of rhetoric from the "right" and the "left" and people that might as well be fellating an elephant or a donkey. But today, the Dallas Morning News published a piece by David Brooks of the New York Times pointing out that neither the Democrats or the Republicans have what I would call "real people" as their leaders:
I have a dream that Ms. Pelosi, who was chauffeured to school as a child and who, with her investor husband, owns minority shares in the Auberge du Soleil resort hotel and the CordeValle Golf Club, will look over her famous strand of South Sea Tahitian pearls and forge bonds of understanding with the zillionaire corporate barons in the opposing party.
Zing. Let the quotes continue, because they're awesome:
[Nancy Pelosi] is part of the clash of the rival elites, with the dollars from Brookline battling dollars from Dallas, causing upper-class strife that even diminutive dogs, vibrant velvets and petite salades can't fully soothe.
And you expect people who own such things to use the guns of government for the "greater good" why?
The main fact to know about Ms. Pelosi is that she is a creature of the modern fundraising system. Some politicians rise because they run political machines.

Some rise because they are great communicators. Ms. Pelosi has risen because she is a master of the thousand-dollar-a-plate fundraising circuit.
Note what wasn't included in that list: being smart, understanding the economy, or any other skill that actually makes one qualified to run the country. Maybe it's time to elect some real people.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Drowning in a sea of dogma

Being a libertarian environmentalist can be frustrating. Take the most obvious issue, global warming. Many of my favorite Libertarian personalities (like Ian Bernard of Free Talk Live) insist that global warming is either a myth, not anthropogenic, or not a problem. Many environmentalists scream about the need for more government intervention. In reality, they're both being dogmatic. I believe that the market is the best solution to environmental problems, not government or ignorance.

It's the statist environmentalists that are pissing me off now. A Sioux Falls, SD company has genetically engineered cattle that almost certainly cannot be infected with BSE, otherwise known as mad cow disease. Average beef-eaters would say "Awesome, now I can eat beef without worrying about slowly dying from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease."

But it's easy to imagine what would happen if this company tried to bring the cows to market. People wearing funny costumes would protest, the FDA would be required to go through a multi-year process to ensure the safety of something that almost certainly carries zero risk. I have a better solution than regulation: let those of us who feel the risk of vCJD is worse than the risk of something going wrong with the cows eat them, and let those other people eat "natural" cows.

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