Monday, May 01, 2006

Get out of the doorframe.

The United States still maintains a large number of territories that, while they receive largesse from the federal government (that means you), pay far fewer taxes and are protected by our military. For some reason, a top-level domain has also been set up for the uninhabited islands under US control. (Unsurprisingly, it is also uninhabited.)

Puerto Rico is by far the largest and most populous of our insular territories. Often in the last few years the territory has held referendums on whether it would apply for statehood, seek independence, or maintain the status quo. Even though the status quo doesn't do much for them - per capita income is half that of Mississippi, the poorest state - they pick it every time. It's time to stop this leeching. Populated American territories need to either apply for statehood or go out on their own, and the uninhabited ones can go get crapped on by birds.


Blogger Mateo said...

Per capita income in Puerto Rico is not half of Mississippi, it's about 3/4th of it. And Puerto Rico earned the right to sit on the fence as long as they want when we annexed them to use for military purposes instead of giving independence like in the Philippines and Cuba. Puerto Rico didn't get to elect their own governor until 50 years after being under U.S. control; that is they didn't have any representation to where they could choose to "get off the fence" until 50 years with the U.S. So it's understandable, and I assert correct, that they make the decision at their own pace.

It will be made, but it will be still several decades from now. Remember that at the currently held referendums it's very very close every time. You can't just wait until statehood wins and declare it a state, it's too close. So you have to hold repeated referendums to verify that it is the true will. I think currently the plan is to hold them 8 years apart.

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