Sunday, April 30, 2006

Free Enterprise v. Communism in worker protection.

Mine accidents happen a lot - not a big surprise when you consider heavy equipment in tight spaces far underground. Often, people get incredibly lucky in them - my great-grandfather worked from age 12 to age 80 in the coal mines of western Pennsylvania. One time all his ribs were crushed by some machine, and he returned to work as soon as he recovered. (He also put all his children - and there were at least six - through college.) China has the most dangerous mines in the world, and today didn't help that reputation - 27 dead in an explosion. That makes me wonder how many deaths we don't know about, if SARS is any indication as to the honesty of the Chinese government. Also today, 2 Tasmanian miners were found alive after having been believed dead.

And the Communists claim to be the friend of the worker?


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