Sunday, April 30, 2006

Crazy people running other countries are great.

A lot of people seem to believe that when an absolute nutcase is running another country and screwing everything up, some more "democratic" nation ought to go in a fix things up. But if we allow immigration from that country - which we should - having a whackbird in charge of another country is great, because talent from that country will come here where it can thrive, making life better for us all. The greater freedom allowed here will also allow whatever talent stays there to be outcompeted, since their government will restrict research and innovation. (Yes, there are some restrictions on research here, and they're astonishingly dumb, but they're fairly minimal relative to some other places.)

So really, we should celebrate that Iran has somebody as crazy as Ahmadinejad in charge. There are plenty of smart Iranians who could do great things for the American economy. They can make atomic energy and fling risible rhetoric at Israel, and we can profit.


Anonymous Daniel Benoy said...

If a state in the USA was having gross human rights violations, Americans would consider it their duty to step in and stop it. Why doesn't that extend to other countries?

I don't know if the 'They should just leave' argument really flies, because who are we to say that if someone wants freedom, they have to surrender their land and flee? Do we not respect their property rights?

Why did we create a government in the first place, if not to protect the fundimental rights of humanity? To say 'If you come to this country, and enrich us with your labour, only then will we grant you freedom!' is not granting freedom at all.

As a libertarian, my chief desire is for the rights of all humanity to be protected by government, and that desire doesn't stop at the border.

That said, it's really the international community's job as a whole to police the world, not just the US.

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