Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Could we get two declared Libertarians in Congress?

Michael Badnarik has long been the favorite to win a seat for the Libertarian Party in Congress this November. Now, however, Bob Smither appears to have as good a chance at a seat, if not an even better one. A Google News search for him shows why: the GOP, as well as the numerous Republican voters in TX-22 (formerly represented by Tom DeLay), is in a bind: No GOP candidate will appear on the ballot, and a write-in campaign is essentially a pipe dream.

Smither is already picking up endorsements from Republicans around the state and nation, especially now that he's promised that if elected, he would vote for a Republican Speaker of the House. Smither is no wolf in sheep's clothing, though - his website shows that he is a true Libertarian. Two Libertarians in the House, plus Ron Paul, would be a significant step towards the LP becoming a national force.


Blogger John Delano said...

Could he vote for Ron Paul as the "Republican speaker"?

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