Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fun with referrals.

Part of the reason I use Sitemeter (on the sidebar at right) is to determine how many people are coming here, but part of why I use it is to see what bizarre ways people get referred here. A disturbing number of people have been referred by searching Google for "nudist youth". "Getting made fun of" is still a popular search that leads to this site, and this site is still No. 1 for that search. Today provided a mildly amusing search referral and one that either gives me hope for India's future or greatly concerns me, depending how it's interpreted. The first was somebody searching from Cornell University who was led here by a Google search for ""easiest classes" at cornell". The second was somebody from Pande, India searching for "why does government need taxation?"


Blogger Mojoey said...

On one of my blogs, the number one referral is peta - I really don't know why. Next up is a post I made about Barry Bonds - hundreds and hundreds of links come in every time he is in the news - the referral is picture + bonds + mistress. You never know what will drive people to your site.

I like your blog (hate the colors). I'm going to blogroll you at my other blog Joe Libertarian.

12:09 AM  

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