Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SOTU notes.

What most scares me about this speech is how Bush claims that he's increasing our liberty and our economic freedom - specifically stating both of these - he goes on to urge the reapproval of the PATRIOT act. Here are my notes from the speech:

I don't see it as a good sign that the commentators just announced that Cindy Sheehan has been arrested. Though I've stated before that I'm no fan of the woman, I don't think she should be arrested.

He starts the speech with a mildly religious tribute to Coretta Scott King. It's a nice gesture, though I have a feeling he'll renig on the spirit of it (saying that she brought us back to our founding ideals) in a few moments. A 9/11 reference has been fit in only a few moments into the speech, along with a reinforcement of the two-party system. He mentions “respect for one another”, though I have a feeling he doesn't think that will include privacy.

The end of tyranny of our world”, just stated as the long-term goal of the Untied States, seems to say that we'll be at war forever. I suppose this means more no-bid contracts for Halliburton, especially as he added Syria and Zimbabwe to the “Axis of Evil”, and has announced that “the United States will never retreat from the world.” He says that the decision to withdraw from Iraq will be made for military commanders, and he now is reading a note from some guy in Fallujah, using the usual theme of volunteer sacrifice for our freedom.

I'm also frightened by the fact that Bush just announced that the institutions of government must last longer than a single vote. Most of the speech now seems to be regurgitation, appealing to our fear and “patriotism”, now to reapprove the PATRIOT act. He's now citing nonexistent authority to conduct illegal, and citing “principles” to claim that America must proactively lead the world. China and India are now our competitors, leading him to rattle off a lot of stuff I like, like saying that immigrants are good and that we should put less power in Washington.

He urges tax cuts to be permanent, but only wants to cut the deficit in half by 2009 – no mention, of course, of the national debt. He went off on a long tangent about Social Security – drawing applause only from Democrats – and seems to be encouraging centralized health care. He is trying to increase centralization of education, training new teachers and complimenting NCLB. Social conservatism is the theme of a large section of this speech, hitting on abortion, embryonic stem cells, and “compassion”. AIDS is apparently a new target, along with briefly mentioned malaria.

In other words, he wants to proactively protect us (note the blatant oxymoron). I leave you with this gem:
There are children in our society who need direction in love.


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