Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't treat the symptoms, cure the disease.

Though Congressional resolutions don't really do anything, they give you a good idea as to what's going through our legislators' little heads. H.CON.RES.329, introduced by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida (titled verbosely, as usual, "Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the activities of Islamist terrorist organizations in the Western Hemisphere"), after detailing vague suspicions of Islamic terrorist activity near the "tri-border region of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina", eventually asks President Bush to have the US representative to the OAS
"seek support from OAS member countries for the creation of a special task force of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE) to assist governments in the region in investigating and combatting the proliferation of Islamist terrorist organizations in the Western Hemisphere and to coordinate regional efforts to prevent the spread of this threat."
Aside from the fact that those countries have other things to worry about, namely the people who elected them (as opposed to US interests), killing, arresting, or thwarting terrorists doesn't solve the problem: there are lots of people in the Muslim world who hate the USA. They do not "hate us for our freedom". (Just bask in the absurdity of that phrase for a bit.) They hate us because we've been dicking around in their countries for far too long.

Some will say that weneed to remove American corporations from foreign countries, since that seems to be the main object of their hate. But American corporate franchises in foreign countries are only attacked because far too often, after American corporations come into a country, Federal finagling isn't far behind. Interference in foreign countries wastes our money and makes other people hate us.


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Hi, and welcome to the libertarian movement! I saw your letter to libertystudents, and linked to your blog! Excellent!

Here are a couple more links you might consider: has a large number of interesting articles to read. Not all libertarian but most are. Also, for those who want to stude free market economics!

I have a blog of my own, too! History students may want to use this as an aid to find differing points of view.

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