Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well screw you too, UIL.

In Texas, UIL, a state agency, runs all competitions between public schools. They've managed to really hack me off lately in the astonishing silliness of their rules. First, they told me a week before I needed a piece ready that in fact the one I had been playing wasn't on their approved list (which is very narrow). Then, they surprised our AcDec team by telling us that even if we won the regional competition (which was on Friday and Saturday, and yes, we won) that we'd have to have one of the top 12 scores in the state to move on, due to the small number of schools we're competing against. Not only is this nowhere in the USAD rules, but it wasn't fair to tell us this an hour before the competition started.

So there we are: overarching bureaucratic organizations suck. Nothing new, but one more example.


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