Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tonight's LP chat

I was hoping to post a full script of tonight's chat (since what they give you at isn't complete), but somehow the software that they use for it doesn't allow you to highlight more than one line at a time - not an effort I'm going to go to. Now I understand why it takes Shane Cory so long to get the scripts up. A basic synopsis follows:
  • The main subject of the chat was apparently "conventioneering", but nobody seemed to interested in that (What on earth is there to talk about?), so the chat pretty quickly moved from that to outreach.
  • As usual, people talked about how the LP isn't doing enough for outreach, etc.
  • Apparently the states are taking on the job of youth outreach, though Ohio is one of the few, if not the only, that has done so.
Not too exciting, but there you go.

Also, my friend Sam Wyman is now posting here. Sam is the only person I know whose car can accelerate faster than mine. He's also the one who's starting the Libertarian club at our high school with me.


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