Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Come on, DMN, publish another...

The DMN said today that the Texas energy market was "deregulated".

My left butt-cheek.

Here's the letter:
Texas's energy market is by no means deregulated, no matter what Austin says. Power plants and energy companies must still submit to the control of ERCOT and deal with myriad and ineffective regulations with regard to environmental factors, safety, etc. It's no surprise that private investors are reluctant to enter into such a market. The best way to regulate these things is to let the free market do it: plants which pollute the air, for example, ought to be (and, like TXI, are) sued for the damage they cause, thus encouraging them and others to pollute less. Corporations can connive with officials to get around regulations a la Enron/Worldcom, but they can't weasel around the free market.


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