Monday, April 17, 2006

Some Folks are Just Wierd

Most people have heard about Colorado City, Arizona and related communites of nutjobbers. They're creepy, they're disgusting, they really pretty much suck.

So what would a libertarian government do about them?

Well, that's a problem. Most of the people there - it's not that hard to escape - apparently believe in the prophecies, marriage orders, excommunications, etc. issued by Warren Jeffs, the FBI-wanted head of the FLDS. So taking the polygamists away from their giant families would be coercive - trying to do so ruined the career of one Arizona governor.

On a personal level, however, I think Warren Jeffs deserves a slap in the face from a hand the size of Greenland. I have little doubt that he knows what he's doing - maybe he's just crazy, though.

I'm still at a loss for that. I did, however, pay my $5 income tax on Saturday. It'll probably cost the government $500 to process it. Morons.


Anonymous aether said...

A libertarian government doesn't have to do anything about these nutjobs. It's one of the best bits of libertarian politics in my eyes. These people are (by the standards of America) perfectly sane. They've made the legitimate decision to do something really stupid, namely shack up with their cousin. That's their choice, just like smoking or doing drugs or getting obese or nailing your balls to a wall. We all have the right to do boneheaded things and if that cuts short the family tree, hell, it's just a little bonus for everyone else. Yes, it's tragic that they're popping out badly disabled kids, but to my eyes it's Darwinism in action, a natural process we have no right or reason to interfere with. Besides, these people don't believe in genetics, so the only logical answer to them must be that god is pissed off with them.

I think Bill Hicks' "I'm not saying we should kill people for being stupid, but how about we just take the warning labels off everything and let nature take it's course" is 100% compatible with the libertarian platform.

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