Thursday, June 29, 2006

How will the Supreme Court's redistricting ruling affect the LPTX?

As most everybody probably knows, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that in the mid-decade redistricting by Tom DeLay-backed Republicans in the Texas legislature, only District 23 was required to be redrawn. The Libertarian candidate for that seat is Cecil Lamb, who lives in Boerne. Boerne is in Kendall County, which as you can see from this map of the district is on its edge.

Considering, however, that Boerne is not near Laredo, which is the main area of contention (the Legislature split the 95% Hispanic city in two so that they wouldn't elect a Democrat), it's worth hoping that Lamb is safe.

The other district involving Laredo is District 28. The Libertarian candidate is Glenda Moyes, but considering that she doesn't have a site up yet, I'm not especially concerned about her getting moved.


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