Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What candidates in need of credibility shouldn't do... endorse anything remotely associated with unpopular conspiracy theories. I know my tendency to think that parties should actually care what people think has been healthily excoriated in the past, but why must Michael Badnarik make so public his undying love for a film which is generally regarded as conspiracy-theorist nutjobbery outside libertarian circles?

I haven't seen America: from Freedom to Fascism, and I sure agree with its title, but sometimes it really is a good idea to think of what other people will think when you're running for office.

(As a side note, trying to put me as a "purist" or a "pragmatists" as if they're mutually exclusive is impossible. Don't bother.)


Blogger Dave Miller said...

This really hits at the heart of "playing the game". If Libertarians are going to get elected they are going to have to be more clever and less crazy sounding. The perception is that Libertarians are whack-jobs. That perception is reality when prominant canidates don't consider the consequences of pimping the LP extreme. Give the voter just enought. Wet the whistle basically. Let them find out for themselves the dark underbelly... or "THE TRUTH". But all else... GET ELECTED first!

1:15 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

You may want to get elected, but you must not do it covertly by telling the people what they want to hear. That is what most politicians on Capital Hill are doing right now (which is one reason why I became a Libertarian in the first place). Tell them that your against the public school system, or Social Security. The forgotten golden rule in United States politics is not to get elected, but to represent the people.

6:44 AM  

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