Sunday, August 27, 2006

Preemptive emergence?

Preemptive strikes on perceived threats have been healthily and soundly excoriated since the months immediately preceding the current debacle in Iraq. The government doesn't restrict its ridiculous preemptive tactics to the military, however. Preemptively declaring a state of emergency has become accepted practice among the governors of those states subject to natural disasters, which, considering that a thunderstorm is now considered a "natural disaster", means all of them.

Declaring a "state of emergency" isn't just an obviously chronologically challenged statement of concern. It opens the area covered to a flow of taxpayer dollars. Considering the state of modern telecommunications, any governor could declare such a state as soon as there actually was a disaster.

These declarations days before anything bad could possibly happen are thus political games, serving as another example of politicians enriching themselves with your money right before your eyes, in a completely legal (but repugnant) manner.


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