Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don't like getting made fun of? Don't go outside.

Tucker Max is getting sued.

Tucker Max's respectability is essentially a moot point, so this post should not be taken as defending his actions, though I personally find the guy hilarious. What matters here is that he's being sued for posting a story on his website, because he made fun of some guy's party which fizzled and died. This guy, however, owns a Pittsburgh PR firm, and has already sued the restaurant which hosted the party and several other entities over the fact that he sucks at partying.

The law he's being sued under is one I posted about earlier, one which I think (hope) is so clumsy no sane judge would uphold it. Max is a smart guy who'se been sued once before (he won), so I think he has a good chance - and if he fails, we're all in big trouble.


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