Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stop and think harder.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex now has an easy, convenient way to identify opinionated morons: those with Stop and Think signs in their front yards. Unsurprisingly, the signs lead you to a website, which raises concerns about repealing the Wright Amendment, my personal favorite being
If the Wright Amendment changes, what changes next?
I usually find such overpowering stupidity humorous, until it comes to this: hardcore conservatives who probably think that lesbians really do destroy capitalism, and then don't see the contradiction when they support a law that eliminates competition.

The main argument against repealing the law is that it will hurt D/FW airport.


The fact is, Love Field is small, and has no room to expand. D/FW is the size of Manhattan. Love Field can't handle the cargo or the passengers that D/FW does, and it never will. Love is, however, convenient for Dallasites, so we use it, but only, at this point, to get to a select handful of locations. Increasing Love Field's traffic will only temporarily decrease that of D/FW, if it does so at all. Competition helps the consumers, though maybe not occasionally profitable monstrous bureaucracies like American Airlines. Which is more important?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much to little knowledge. Showing your youth are you?

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Xaq Fixx said...

Can you PLEASE at least argue with the point made, present facts and counter-arguments? Resorting to name-calling is know way to maintain the intellectual high ground.

9:51 AM  

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