Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Palestine can't keep their bureaucrats under control

The Palestinian government apparently has 165,000 employees, all of whom are owed four months back pay. Because of this, angry Palestinian bureaucrats stormed the Parliament building today, forcing the speaker to flee. Oddly, the only donors that banks are transferring money from are other Arab governments - for some reason, private donors aren't allowed to pay.

The obvious solution for Palestine is to pay off its employees and then fire every single one of them who does an unnecessary job, so that it can focus on the important things, like the brewing civil war, for example.


Anonymous Sam said...

"Many Muslim nations had pledged their support, but international banks, most tied to the American system, have refused to transfer money from other donors."
-Ny Times article
Perhaps you overlooked this, but this quote from the story implied that only American influenced banks have stopped donors from supporting. Which means muslims or anyone with a non-u.s. supported bank can make a private donation.

You're right though. A civil war is certain, especially when Hamas refuses to recognize Israel as a state or cease hostilities.

12:14 AM  
Blogger loring said...

The Canadian government is one of those countries that has refused to give any more money until Hamas denounces violence and recognizes Israel's right to exist.

To me, I really feel for the palestinian people, but Hamas has to get its stuff together. You can't have that sort of extremist platform and expect other nations to give money.

As a Canadian, I support my government's decision not to give money. I don't want my tax money going to a government that believes so purely in violence as a means to getting its way.

I believe they are working on a way to get the money to the palestinian people and bypass the Hamas government. How well that goes remains to be seen, and I would have no problem if that is the route the government decided to take, because the palestinian people have suffered enough. they don't need their government making things worse (even if a good number did vote for them).

9:24 PM  

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