Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh, please no.

Somebody just found their way to this site by searching Google for "diseconomies of scale in public education". (I know this because I use Sitemeter.) Whenever I see a hit from a search, I do the search to see how highly this site is ranked by the search engines. In this case, it's ranked fourth. (It is still ranked first for "getting made fun of".) The first and third Google hits for "diseconomies of scale in public education" didn't interest me, but the second one did: the Coalition to Invest in Texas Schools. The first paragraph on the site:
The Texas public school system is at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to shape school funding for generations to come, but we must do it right: Texas schools can only keep pace with those in the rest of the country with additional student funding per capita.
"Keep pace with those in the rest of the country"? "Those in the rest of the country" are still awful. Let's invest in Texas schools effectively - let's take them private. In fact, I'd like to introduce a three-step plan to eliminate public education in Texas:
  1. Determine a specific amount of money per student that is necessary to educate that student. Allow students to pick any public school within size limits set by that school and send that money with the student. Students outside any school-bus serviced area would be responsible for providing their own transportation.
  2. Eliminate the TEA except to administer the program in step 1 and remove state oversight from schools. Schools will devolve to local control or, more logically, non-profit privatization.
  3. Spin off the monies used to send students to school into an independent charity with a sizable endowment and reduce taxes accordingly so that Texans can donate to that charity.


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