Friday, June 16, 2006

Hilarious Libertarian running for Congress in CT

Phil Maymin, the Libertarian candidate for US House of Representatives CT-4, has one of the funniest (but also most effective) campaign sites I've ever seen. His page on his opponents is especially gratifying:
Shays Dumps on You. In essence, he took by force thirty bucks out of every Stamford household and gave back feces. "Stamford will receive $1,500,000 to support its Waste-to-Energy Project project, the low-emissions waste-to-energy electric generation facility that will turn dry, pelletized sewage sludge into 5 megawatts of electric power in a region facing major electricity shortages and electric grid congestion." If it's such a brilliant idea, he should quit his day job and do it in the free market. If the free market doesn't want it, why should we be forced to pay for his smelly excrement?
(Shays is the Republican incumbent.)

Maymin's site is also very consistent as to the source of his views: stealing is wrong. It's a good read in Libertarian thought.

If anybody who reads this is in Connecticut's 4th district, Maymin needs 2,909 signatures to get on the ballot. He's got a good chance to influence this election, and it would be a great help to the cause.


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