Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mexico to Chavez lapdog: Stop yapping.

Though I have no idea what kind of leader Felipe Calderón will be, it would appear that he has won the Mexican presidential race by a slim margin over Hugo Chavez lapdog Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Unfortunately (and oddly reminiscent of Gore in 2000), Obrador says that he has different numbers than the Mexican government and Calderón, and will challenge the election results - which is frightening, considering how muh the sitution degraded in the United States with its 224 years of elections in 2000, since Mexico has nowhere close to that long a tradition of electoral government and Venezuela's powerful enough that it could exert some force on Mexico. (Even if that does happen, the United States still shouldn't get involved.)

Tellingly, Mexico's stock exchange rose 4.8 percent on the news. Chavez-style neocommunism has been a disaster for Venezuela, and it would have been a disaster for Mexico too.


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