Friday, September 22, 2006

Three leaders who belong in the loony bin

Let's start close to home, with President George Bush, of course.

Bush seems to believe that he can continue focusing on the weird political fetishes of the religious right (stem cells, gay marriage, flag burning) instead of dealing with the very real problems that America is facing. Every time something bad happens, we find a new "wedge issue" that nobody cared about five minutes ago. At this point, with his reelection no longer an issue, he's just trying to do what's best for his party, but it's hard to say if anything can save them from disaster this November. He's flailing about like a madman.

Now let's go south, to Hugo Chavez.

Chavez seems to have been having problems with hallucinations recently: he sees the devil, smells sulfur in the UN building, and calls George Bush a whole bunch of invalid insults when there are plenty of valid ones to go around. He fancies himself to be far greater than he is, a uniter of the world against hte United States, but his country has no chance to ever become a great power, simply because it is too small and too unstable. He is, in the words of a Facebook group I'm in, a "megalomaniac autocrat".

Finally, let us head east, to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

He's quieted down in recent weeks as Chavez has attempted to breathe fire, but there's still plenty of crazy lurking over there. This is the man that suggested Israel should have been placed in "the United States or Alaska", who wants Israel destroyed, and who funds Hezbollah, which set of the chain of events which brought misery to Lebanon. (Like it or not, Hezbollah did "start it". I won't go into whether the misery was Israel's or Hezbollah's fault.)

Of course, a thirty-page paper could be written on why each of these men has no business leading a country - these are just examples. Regardless, it's a scary world when these are our leaders.


Blogger Robert Fischer said...

I agree! My name is Robert Fischer, and I am myself a libertarian with a blog as well. Why don't we combine forces, as it were? You put a link to mine ( yours, and I'll link to yours on mine. Sound good?

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Star Wars Fan said...

Your statement about Hezbollah "starting it". Not true.

One month before the war, Israel assassinated 2 high-ranking Hezbollah members. Isreal also has been holding thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians for 20 years, renditions and torture.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it REALLY matter who started it? Both sides are fighting for land that is going to be completely useless by the time this thing is settled (if it ever will be).

11:33 PM  

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