Monday, September 04, 2006

Two LP Presidential hopefuls I won't be voting for

I'm planning on being a delegate to both the Texas and National Libertarian Party conventions in 2008. This means that I'll have a chance to vote on who I want the LP to nominate. The current field of LP presidential hopefuls is enormous, but I've found two that I'm definitely not voting for: Gene Chapman and Robert Milnes.

Gene Chapman is insane, and he brags about an IQ of 96, so that's an easy decision.

Robert Milnes proposes an alliance with the statist Green Party, which predisposes me to disapprove of him. The following exchange then took place in the comments section of that TheNextPrez blog post:
Nigel Watt (me):I will not eat Green eggs and ham. I do not like them Libertarian I am.
Robert Milnes: Nigel, you are 17? Well, I rest my case.
Jake Porter (George Phillies's main volunteer, it seems): Robert,

I am only 18 and have had that line used against me many times.

I find that it is best not to attack people because of their age. It is much better to try to debate young people and get them to agree with you.
RM: Jake, your link goes directly to Phillies website. Who are you? Do you even exist? ///I was 17, 18, a long time ago. I assure you I was quite typical. I thought I knew just about everything when I actually knew just about nothing.
RM: Cannonfodder. (I have no idea what he meant by that.)
Me: Robert, my age is not a functional argument against my points.
Me: Also, Robert, I plan on attending the 2008 LP convention, and you have my assurance that I will not vote for you.
RM: Nigel, like it or not, your age is a factor in your arguments, as is everyone's. Do you plan on being a delegate at the 2008 convention?
Me: Age may be a factor in understanding perspective, but it shouldn't be all you consider, which in my case it evidently was.

Yes, I do plan on being a delegate, sorry for the screw-up.
RM: No it wasn't. It was what you wrote, then your age. How would you like to spend years, decades, of frustration & misery & wrack your brains & search your gut & take care to find certain ingredients & finally come up with a special recipe of Green eggs & ham for the starving then carefully prepare it & serve it up-to you? & you come up with this one liner. Not even a "thank you"? I guess I'll just have to do without your vote.
Me: Many people have spent years on many philosophies, and yet I disagree with them. Does that make me an ungrateful wretch? No; agreeing with all of them would make me a confused idiot.

I appreciate any effort you have put forth to helping the LP and getting Libertarians elected. However, mixing the LP with anything "progressive", especially the ridiculous Green Party (water is a natural right and should not be bought or sold? Huh?), can only hurt the LP, and I cannot muster nor will I pretend to have any appreciation for such an effort.
Well, that narrows down the field a little bit, doesn't it?


Blogger Mary-Beth said...

You are one funny guy there, Nigel. Robert Milnes is a quack but I don't know much about Gene Chapman, so I can't make my decision on him just yet.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Ali Massoud said...

At least these guys dissed you to your face. Most pols do it after you leave or behind your back.

12:05 AM  
Blogger ElfNino's Mom said...

Thanks for the link, Nigel.

5:03 PM  

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