Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DA race, continued.

The three Republicans vying for the Dallas County District Attorney position (a race I discussed in general earlier) have started putting ads on the radio and generally working to get their name out, and the popular strategy this round seems to be alternating being corny as balls and being repugnant:
  • Vic Cunningham's ads start with "When it comes to our next district attorney, tough is as tough does." (Honestly, that's just stupid.) It then goes on to brag about how Cunningham, as a judge, would "look criminals in the eye when he sentenced them to death." "Death" is accompanied by a door slamming. I turn the radio off when I hear this commercial come on, because that's just disturbing.
  • Toby Shook's commercials are fairly predictable: They start with detailing a type of crime, and then talk about how Shook will purge it from Dallas County. Then they throw a surprise at you: a horrible pun: "[Category of felons]? Throw the Shook at them." One of his ads also details his good record at getting death sentences. Mayber there's something to the stereotype of Texans liking to shoot people.
  • Dan Wyde has a habit of showing pictures of the Democratic frontrunner - a black man - and saying that only he can defeat that man. He's also rumored to have pushed the envelope of Texas campaign law, but I don't have anything solid about that.


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