Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A surprisingly good article from the DMN.

Normally the Dallas Morning News seems to ignore libertarian viewpoints altogether, but in this article it not only mentions the Libertarian running (for a special election for state house), but actually gets some quotes from him too:
Mr. Freeman, a self-employed management consultant, said the school dilemma should be treated as a business problem.

"I look at inefficiencies and why we're doing this or that, and where we can make some cuts," he said.

But while he admits the school issue needs attention, he believes there are other more pressing needs.

Mr. Freeman, 49, said he wants to change how politicians respond to constituents. Legislatures' first concerns are the party line and lobbyists, he said.

"I want to reverse that and make people first," said Mr. Freeman, an advocate of smaller government.


Mr. Freeman also supports a property tax cut.

"I may pay off my mortgage, but I'll never own that house because the minute I stop paying taxes, the government will come take it away from me," he said.
Nicely, Mr. Freeman didn't bungle the opportunity to get the message out and articulated his positions well. You can follow the election here.


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