Sunday, March 05, 2006

What is this, Pyongyang?

There's some controversy in my part of the Metroplex (Highland Park) about widening the main thoroughfare through the area, Mockingbird Lane. (This Google Map shows the importance of the street.) Due to the small population of Highland Park and the fact that both termini of Mockingbird are in Dallas, most of the traffic on Mockingbird is Dallasite in origin and destination. Currently it's a two-lane streeth throughout Highland Park, which makes it an absolute nightmare to drive on during any reasonable time of day. So recently, the HP Town Council brought up widening the street - only to meet with horror from residents. After some consideration, I've decided that widening the street is in fact a bad idea, because it simply cannot function as a major artery. Houses are built rather close to the street along it, and between Douglas and Armstrong, it's covered by 20-mph school zone around 8AM - inconvenient for anybody trying to get to work. A few recent articles in the Dallas Morning News only strengthened my position, if only because their arguments for widening Mockingbird were obnoxiously populist in nature. So, as usual, I sent them a letter which they won't publish, and they'll print a few more columns against the residents of Highland Park, and all is well.


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