Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TV Safety: Something else for you to wet your pants about

I happened upon an interesting factoid in New Scientist today: "2300 American children are injured every year when TV sets fall on them. Doctors have called for better safety devices and warning labels."

Huh? Firstly, I cannot imagine a "safety device" to protect against the combination of gravity and heavy things. Secondly, a warning label that says "WARNING: THIS PRODUCT IS HEAVY. MAY CAUSE INJURY WHEN FALLING." wouldn't help the people reading it, who would be the ones lifting it into its position - they would already know just how heavy it is.


Anonymous Xaq Fixx said...

all TVs should be shipped with a nylon strap with gromets and wall anchors, so the tops will be mounted to the wall. Or a built in gyroscope, as long as the TV is plugged in the gyro is powered, making it difficult to knock over. sure this would cost alot, bt saving one innocent child from a sprained wrist, it's worth it.
Man, who are these Doctors anyway. I hope it's the AMA, I hate those fucktards.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Jax said...

I really don't believe that electronic companies need to alert the public that gravity can hurt you.

Then again, McDonalds does have to tell you that their coffee is hot.


1:34 AM  

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