Saturday, July 08, 2006

DeLay sounding like he'll appear on ballot

When it seemed like the race for Tom DeLay's House seat was going to be between a Libertarian and a Democrat (in a very, very, very, red district), things were looking up for Bob Smither, the LP candidate. Now, however, DeLay is saying that he'll run if the judge doesn't allow the GOP to substitute another candidate. That would return the spotlight for winning a Congressional seat to Michael Badnarik in TX10, where I think it belongs. (Smither still has a relatively good chance, but less of one.)


Blogger Michael Dewberry said...

There are some problems with Mr. Barnadik's website. I tried to register to help, like do phone calls and such. The date form said that I did not have a valid address, and I am pretty sure I can input my own address, despite being very technologically illiterate. Have you alerted his campaign about possible problems with his website. As the former Libertarian Presidential Nominee, I would think that he of all Libertarians would have a working website.

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